Clinical Hypnotherapy is very different from ‘hypnotherapy’ you may have seen on stage or on TV. A true hypnotic state is an altered state of consciousness. You remain aware, in control, and conscious. You may also be interested to read about The Hypnotic Gastric Band which can help with weight loss and weight management.

How does it work?

A hypnotic state is a very pleasant and safe presence of mind. Our therapist is trained in a style called ‘permissive’ – that is, everything with your permission. You can only give your permission if you understand why and what is being done and are fully engaged in the rationale behind the sessions. In effect you are coached through a process of relaxing yourself ( self hypnosis ) to a degree where you are more receptive and able to internalise ideas, concepts, and suggestions than you ordinarily would be.

What will happen in the therapy sessions?

Russell Hoyles is the hypnotherapist. His programme includes a free initial consultation followed by five further face to face sessions. In addition you will have direct access to Russell via telephone and email support to ensure you feel engaged and that you are on a ongoing programme of change over a two to three month period. Each hypnotherapy session is recorded and given to you at the end of the session. This enables you to re visit the session and reinforce changes you are making.