Sports Therapy is the prevention of injury and provision of rehabilitation in regaining optimum levels of sports specific fitness (irregardless of age and fitness). It utilises sport and exercise science to prepare the person to train, compete (if necessary) and work. Sport and exercise therapy are not just about sports massage, however the therapist will have massage skills that are an integral part of their practice. Sports Therapists are not Physiotherapists but they will use ‘physiotherapy skills’. Sports Therapy comprises of various approaches; optimise performance, injury prevention programmes, immediate care of injuries, plan and implement rehabilitation programmes, assess and treat sports injuries, provide sport and remedial massage and refer on for specialist advice and intervention where necessary.

How does it work?

Sports Massage aims to prevent injury, aid recovery, pre and post event and general maintenance purposes. Injury Assessment is crucial in providing treatment. We need to understand your injury, to provide an effective treatment and rehabilitation plan. Injury Rehabilitation combines manual therapy with exercise, in the form of simple exercises often done in the gym, pool or the comfort of your own home. Kinesiology Tape is therapeutic tape used on muscles to relieve inflammation, pain, speed up recovery and added support. Kinesiology Tape gently lifts the skin to create space between the skin and the tissue below. This provides improved blood supply to allow oxygen and nutrients to accelerate healing, improve lymphatic drainage, reduce swelling and pain on pain receptors quickly and effectively.

What will happen in the Sports Therapy session?

At your first session, the therapist will need to find out a little more about you – your goals, your sports history, your physical health and previous injuries (if any). Dependent on what your needs are will depend on what your treatment will be. The sessions last for one hour and may include any of the above treatments. You may shown simple exercises to practice, or have kinesiology tape applied, or receive a massage, or perhaps a combination of these over a number of sessions.